Stats Corner: My first 100 reviews

Oh yes BookRiot podcast listeners, it’s time for Stats Corner. (But please do not march me down to Methodology Lane. Methodology is not my strong point!)

This past year bookish media has focus much of its attention on gender bias in the reporting of books. With that in mind, I wanted to see if there was gender and other biases in the books I choose to read. I like to believe that I read widely, but will the numbers bear that out? The data has been collected from my first 100 book reviews here at 52 Books or Bust.

Male Vs. Female

Looks like I’m fairing better than the New York Times!

image (3)

Fiction Vs. Non-Fiction

I am not a natural born non-fiction reader, so this isn’t looking half bad to me. Notably, of my non-fiction choices 5 were books about books, and 4 were about food.

image (4)


This was a little bit more difficult to quantify. Authors tend to be global citizens, so how do you classify a individual born in India, educated in England and now living in the United States? I did the best I could. I am surprised, however, at how little Canadian literature I read, and how much British literature I read.

And as an interesting aside 23/100 books were by visible minorities, or what my dad would call ‘ethnic’ (cringe). Way to go multiculturalism!

image (6)


  1. Yay, you did it! You totally rock on female authors.

    Quantifying authors was kind of hard… I basically just kind of looked at their heritage or skin color, since that’s how most of the US labels people anyways and the point (for me, in 2014) is to read more authors that wouldn’t be considered white. I should try to break it down by country some day though… I’m sure my Canadian stats are really low.

  2. I’ve not heard of the Book Riot podcast so will try that! As for stats – I’d be the last person to pick you up on methodology! At the end of this year I’m planning on two stat reviews – the percentage of my blog posts with swearing in them (as my mother reads them and still says – “you know swearing’s not clever!”) and the distribution of my use of superlatives – I think I am a “terrific” man but am keen to see the split between that and “wonderful”, “magnificent” and “shite”!

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