Cover Wars: The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion seems to be one of the break out books of 2013. There are some nay-sayers out there, but I feel pretty comfortable about recommending this book to just about anyone. Also, I thought this would be a good chance to tie-in with Katie and Fellowship of the Worms‘ group reading of The Rosie Project.

I like all the covers to The Rosie Project. I do have a favorite, but I am drawn to all of them because of the colors and clean look. What do you think?


  1. I ordered “The Rosie Project” earlier this week and my copy arrived today. Yay! Really looking forward to reading it.

    I think I like the Canadian cover the best although I agree that all look great. The German translation has the Australian cover design btw.

    So which one’s your favourite then?

  2. I really like the Canadian and US versions. I think because I have the US one, well did have until my mom took it back to the UK with her. I love the color on the Canadian cover. The UK one, I mean I get it (because I read the book) but it would probably be my least favorite. I feel like if I didn’t know what the book was about, I wouldn’t buy it with a lobster on the front.

  3. I love the Canadian cover because that’s what I have. Although I do think that it captures the essence of the story. It for sure draws people to it. The lobster on the cover of The Dinner I don’t love. The Canadian cover of that (I assume it’s the Canadian one) with the scorched table cloth? Way better.

  4. Am slightly ashamed that I have un patriotically voted Canadian! Am now likely to be victim of hate campaign by The Daily Mail here! Saw this book next to till when bought a Valentines card (late night on 13th!) – I just thought it was yet another cook book so ignored it – it was on offer if you bought a Valentine Card! Am kicking myself now! Am now very bitter that they didn’t put a bike on the UK cover like the Canadians……..?!

  5. I just got this book on my Nook Color (so, really the cover doesn’t show much) and I live in the US, so I have the second one, but I love the Canada one ! However, I’ve heard this is a bit of a love story, so the US one tells you a bit more about the books contents.

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