Cover Wars: The Rosie Project

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion seems to be one of the break out books of 2013. There are some nay-sayers out there, but I feel pretty comfortable about recommending this book to just about anyone. Also, I thought this would be a good chance to tie-in with Katie and Fellowship of the Worms‘ group reading of The Rosie Project.

I like all the covers to The Rosie Project. I do have a favorite, but I am drawn to all of them because of the colors and clean look. What do you think?


26 thoughts on “Cover Wars: The Rosie Project

  1. I ordered “The Rosie Project” earlier this week and my copy arrived today. Yay! Really looking forward to reading it.

    I think I like the Canadian cover the best although I agree that all look great. The German translation has the Australian cover design btw.

    So which one’s your favourite then?

  2. I really like the Canadian and US versions. I think because I have the US one, well did have until my mom took it back to the UK with her. I love the color on the Canadian cover. The UK one, I mean I get it (because I read the book) but it would probably be my least favorite. I feel like if I didn’t know what the book was about, I wouldn’t buy it with a lobster on the front.

  3. I love the Canadian cover because that’s what I have. Although I do think that it captures the essence of the story. It for sure draws people to it. The lobster on the cover of The Dinner I don’t love. The Canadian cover of that (I assume it’s the Canadian one) with the scorched table cloth? Way better.

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaay Rosie! πŸ™‚ I think I have to go with the Lobster cover. Don’s lobster salad recipe had me drooling. Plus, lobsters are funny looking, and make me giggle. Everybody loves a crustacean.

  5. I love, love the UK cover with the little lobster. My second favorite would be the Canadian version. I don’t really like the Australian one at all. I need to read this book!!

  6. Am slightly ashamed that I have un patriotically voted Canadian! Am now likely to be victim of hate campaign by The Daily Mail here! Saw this book next to till when bought a Valentines card (late night on 13th!) – I just thought it was yet another cook book so ignored it – it was on offer if you bought a Valentine Card! Am kicking myself now! Am now very bitter that they didn’t put a bike on the UK cover like the Canadians……..?!

  7. I had to go with Australia because, being autistic and much like Prof Don (but not nearly to the same degree of OCD), seeing the person helps me to identify with him.

  8. I just got this book on my Nook Color (so, really the cover doesn’t show much) and I live in the US, so I have the second one, but I love the Canada one ! However, I’ve heard this is a bit of a love story, so the US one tells you a bit more about the books contents.

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