Cover Wars: Lucy Clarke


Well, this is my most difficult Cover Wars post so far. What happens when one book is given different titles in different countries? I’m not talking about language differences. No, this is completely different titles in two English speaking regions.

I was recently received The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke from The Willoughby Book Club. Fine. I had never heard of the book, but the story sounded a little familiar. Oh wait! The Sea Sisters is the same book as Swimming at Night! That explains a lot, or does it?

Why do publishers change titles for different markets? It may be because Harper published it in the UK and Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster published it in North America.


    • They changed it for the American publishing because of the history of the word “Negro.” Though the book title is borrowed from the actual historic document of the same name, they knew that many people wouldn’t buy it because of the use of the word. It had a similar backlash in the Netherlands because of the title.

  1. I actually avoid covers with people on them so I’d probably pick Swimming at Night. That being said I think that title “talks” to me more as well. Robyn Schneider’s The Beginning of Everything was released as Severed Heads, Broken Hearts in the UK. It really confuses me!

  2. I would choose Swimming at Night. Like another poster, the person on the cover throws me off a bit. And the title doesn’t jump at me. To me, The Sea Sisters makes it sound like it would be mythical or have some fantasy element to it, Swimming at Night doesn’t sound like that.

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