Cover Wars – Lobsters?


What do lobsters have to do with selling books? Apparently quite a lot if you go by recent book covers. I’m not a fan of lobsters so maybe that’s why this trend isn’t working for me. What do you think? It’s also interesting to note that all these crustaceous covers are available in the UK.

What’s interesting is that Seating Arrangements eventually got updates to be a little more subtle.


So what’s your opinion? Do lobsters sell books? Do you know of any other recent books with lobsters or other crustaceans on the cover?


  1. I feel like the lobster suits Seating Arrangements (although I have never read it), partly because of the author’s last name. But I like the alternate covers of the other 2 books much better.

  2. The lobsters do suit Seating Arrangements, but the rest…no. The Rosie Project in particular could do better. A trend I noticed recently was banners on the cover (That Part Was True by Deborah McKinley, The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick, and The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman). I find them a bit underwhelming, though Hoffman’s is my favorite.

  3. I do NOT like the Koch cover, but adore the other two. Without reading the books, I’m not sure how lobster relate (or even if they do), but I’m a fan of the clawed beasts so I see this trend as a good thing! It’s about time lobsters got their 15 minutes.

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