Cover Wars: Amity and Sorrow


Do you ever feel like a book is having an identity crisis? That’s how I felt about Amity and Sorrow (my review) when it first came out in hard cover. Not that is is available in paperback the situation seems to have escalated.

The first cover, the North American hard cover, initially made me thing that it was straying into the territory of bonnet lit, though the tied wrists hints at something a little more sinister.

The second cover, the one found in the UK, immediately grabs my attention and conveys some of the edginess found in the story. Notably it came in black or white.

The new paperback cover for North America perhaps hints at the story most clearly. I am torn.

Which cover would make you pick up this book?


  1. I have to say that the UK version is my least favorite. I love the new US paperback though. I own the hardcover and when i saw the paperback I really considered buying it just to put it on my shelf. This was one of my favorite books of last year. I was hesitant to read it at first but I’m glad I did.

  2. Wow, the character of these covers seems so completely different! While just looking at them, I like the paperback best, I think the second one might be the best choice though, since what you wrote suggest this might capture the feel of the book better than the other covers.

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  4. Interestingly, the American hardback cover (far left) became the UK paperback cover and it’s my favourite of the three, I think the bound wrists is a striking image. I did also like the UK hardback cover though, which I have. I liked the burning church surrounded by the broken thorn wreath which to me represented the cult the characters had escaped from and I saw the flowers as being them. I was hoping they would flourish once they had got away and put some distance between them and the community they had lived in.

  5. The UK cover for sure, but that’s usually the case for me. I have a tendency to dislike books with photos of people on them and immediately pick up books with drawn cover art and design. It’s totally in my own head, I’m sure, but I always relate books with photos of people on them to being lighter, more romantic, more soap opera-like. Not sure why I do this.
    Interestingly, this personality split happened for Kirt and myself with Daniel Kalla’s The Far Side of the Sky – we picked it up because of it’s awesome paperback cover that indicated a unique story to us, not realizing the hard cover definitely gave more indication of its lighter, more romantic take. The book covers, they can trick you! 🙂

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