Cover Wars: Astonish Me

Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead (review) was one of the most anticipated books of the spring. American and British publishers handled the cover design in very different ways. Stuart Bache, the designer of the British cover, explains how he came up with the cover for the UK.


So, which do you prefer? The North American cover that brings to mind the ribbons fastened up a ballet dancer’s leg? Or the more fractured and stark look of the UK cover?


  1. I prefer the American cover; the other one looks a little disjointed to me. I like to compare American covers with German covers, and I am often surprised by how different they are. Though I haven’t been able to discern any kind of pattern that might hint at what one country might prefer compared to the other one.

  2. It’s rare that I don’t like either one, but I’m kind of like “eeeww” on these. lol This could also be because the black and white one looks like an 90s throwback (that terrible Center Stage movie comes to mind), and I hate pink, so that one is out. haha In addition to being a #coverho, I must also be a #covermudgeon (curmudgeon!).

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