Edinburgh Book Festival 2014

You know you are a dedicated book nerd when your favorite day of the year is the day the program for your local book festival is announced. Lucky for me, I live in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Book Festival is truly top notch.


I don’t want to bore you with who I’m not going to go see (George R.R. Martin and Haruki Murakami for two), so let’s take a look at those on my must see list:

  • Herman Koch because I loved The Dinner, and Summer House With Swimming Pool wasn’t half bad. I really want to see how his mind works.
  • Emma Healey because I need to know how someone so young could write something as brilliant, sensitive and insightful as Elizabeth Is Missing.
  • Christos Tsiolkas because he tends to court controversy in his novels, so I think it will be a rollicking talk about Barracuda, his latest novel.
  • Nina Stibbe – her memoir Love, Nina has been on my TBR list since it came out and she will be here to talk about her debut novel.
  • Sarah Waters because, you know, she’s Sarah Waters. And she has a new book coming out – The Paying Guests.

And then there are quite a few writers who are on my maybe list. August is a rather busy month for me, so I may not be able to fit them all in. If you’ve seen any of the writers, or have strong feelings about who I should or shouldn’t go see, let me know.

  • Naomi Wood – it is quite likely I will go to this one where she will be talking about Mrs. Hemingway.
  • Meena Kandasamy. I just got her book The Gypsy Goddess out of the library. I will go see her depending on what I think of the book. But I am a sucker for South Asian novels, especially when they’re based on reality. She will be appearing with Kader Abdolah, who I know nothing about.
  • Linda Grant. I’ve never read anything by her, but feel I should. Where would I begin?
  • Maggie O’Farrell. She lives in Edinburgh, so surely I’ll have another chance to see her, right?
  • Damon Galgut – great South African writer who I’ve never read. Who knows when I’ll be able to see him again?

And there are a whole host of others I’m interested in as well.

  • Anne Blankman and Audrey Magee
  • Peter Buwalda
  • Kamila Shamsie
  • Neel Mukherjee
  • Rana Dasgupta

What do you think? Where would you put your time and money?


  1. Stopping by from Steadfast Reader–I’m in the middle of reading Summer House With Swimming Pool right now. I would love to hear Koch speak! I’d love to know how he creates such disagreeable characters, yet writes about them so you’re compelled to keep reading anyway.
    Love, Nina is on my TBR list–just waiting for it to come in at the library.

  2. Ahh! Sounds lovely! I’m jealous 🙂 I haven’t read Naomi Wood yet, but did manage to snag a copy of Mrs. Hemingway at BEA- and I eagerly look forward to sitting down and reading it! I’ll also be eagerly looking forward to who you get to see & the whole experience!

  3. Those are some really great writers! I love the sound of the festival. I will definitely go see Herman Koch too, if I could attend the festival. If you find out how his mind works, please let us know – some seriously ingenious and devilish stuff (in a good way) come out of there!

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