The Bust DIY Guide to Life by Laurie Henzel and Debbie Stoller

Bust-diy-guideIf you are not familiar with Bust magazine, then you probably should be. Aside from being “the magazine for women with something to get off their chests”, it’s also pretty awesome. Just the right amount of sassy, feminist and quirkiness for me. So when I saw The Bust DIY Guide to Life I know it was something i could get into. Let’s face it, not all of bow down to the alter of Martha Stewart, but we still need to know how to get things done simply, economically and stylishly.

For this review I only had access to the first two parts of the book, Burst-ier Homes and Gardens and Your Style, Your Way, but if they are anything to go by this DIY book is logical, useful and practical. It gave answers and inspiration to everyday problems around the house and I wish I had been privy to more of the book.

Source: Pintrest

Source: Pintrest

Because I am on a bit of a crafting streak, my favorite section was Bed, Bath and Beyond: Crafts for Every Room. My favorite project is Glowing By the Book, a lamp with books for a base. But they also included instruction for image transfer pillows that look pretty cool and some awesome looking fairy lights.

On the more practical side, the guide includes instruction on how to re-grout a shower, organizational tips, gardening guides and emergency preparedness. In the Your Style, Your Way section there is some great information on how to alter all those clothes you’ve bought and ‘almost’ fit they way you want them to. There are some basic stitching and sewing techniques, up-cycling ideas and simple accessories.

More than anything this book inspired me to try new things. I’m planning on making a couple of throw pillows with t-shirt transfers and I’ve gone decoupage mad. Results will undoubtedly follow in a future post since most revolve around a bookish theme.

Who would like this book? As far as I can tell, The Bust DIY Guide has a little bit of something for everyone, whether you’re creatively challenged like me or have a little bit more skill and flare. What it does not have is futzy crafts from your grandmomther’s hey-day. If they take something traditional, they make it irreverent. They have hip ideas that can be modified to suit any taste. It is about doing it yourself and getting the job done.


  1. Sounds awesome! I do need more books that tell me how to be handy that aren’t boring as s*%# and since my landlords have spend a year promising they’ll fix my bathroom and still haven’t, maybe DIY is the answer! -Tania

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