Wigtown – Scotland’s National Book Town

There is nothing quite like a town dedicated to the written word, and that is why I had to visit Wigtown while camping in the area. This quaint seaside town in Southern Scotland boasts more than 20 book shops and hosts an annual book festival in an attempt at economic rejuvenation.


My favorite books store was simply called The Bookshop. Like most of Wigtown’s businesses, it specializes in second hand books.


And what visit would be complete without buying some goodies? Some postcards made from old book covers and a copy of Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets by Jessica A. Fox. Apparently this novel is set in The Bookshop, so I couldn’t resist!


Joy at Joy’s Book Blog is the proud recipient  of the England on Five Dollars a Day post card, in honor of her upcoming trip to Jolly Old. But if any of the other postcards strike your fancy, let me know and you may be the proud owner of an old book cover!


  1. I think I would love it there. The town I was camping next to only had one book store, and I though I was doing well. 🙂 I love the photos! And, looking forward to hearing about The Bookshop book!

  2. I recognize that English guidebook postcard — fun to see it on your side of the Atlantic! Thanks, again. It’s been so much fun — currently it’s magneted to a display board in my office, where I’m planning our trip.

    Three Things You Need to Know about Rockets looks like fun — especially if it’s set in the same Bookshop as where you bought it!

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