July Round Up

july roundupWhat I’ve been reading:

Additional books reviewed:

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  1. Wow, you read a ton of books in July! I just scrolled down to read your review of the Tom Rachman book because I think it’ll be up next for me (right now I’m reading Everything I Never Told You). I have it out from the library and it sounds like just the sort of book I’d be into – and good writing is always a plus! Also, you’re not along in your thinking. I was very much thinking of The Goldfinch while reading reviews of this one!

  2. my book club read the death of bees a few months ago and had soooo much to talk about! I can’t say that I loved it but it was good. I haven’t even heard of many of the books you’ve reviewed – it’s so hard to keep up with all the books being published 🙂

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