Cover Wars: Geek Sublime

This week’s Cover Wars is an interesting case: One book, two titles, three subtitles. Oh yes, you heard me correctly.

Cover 1 is the first one I saw. Cute Cover. Ho-hum subtitle. It seems to be the cover most widely adopted by foreign language versions as well.

Cover 2 is from North America. Ho-hum cover, but awesome subtitle. The Beauty of Code and the Code of Beauty. 

And I didn’t even know of Cover 3’s existence until writing this post. It’s the Indian version.

So what say you? You’re preferences please.


  1. Even though I think cover 1 is the most fun, I like cover 2 the best. That could partly be because I saw it first in your review, but I think the subtitle and the somewhat abstract image work together to convey a feel that seems appropriate for the book.

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