Us Conductors by Sean Michaels

Us Conductors by Sean Michaels

Us Conductors by Sean Michaels

If you are Canadian, you have undoubtedly already read Us Conductors by Sean Michaels. I think everyone got it for Christmas. And even if you haven’t read it, you have heard amazing things about it and probably gave it to somebody for Christmas. It won the Giller after all, and for Canadians that is a big endorsement.

So this review is dedicated to our American neighbors. Go read this book now!! If my spidey senses are correct, then I’d say that Us Conductors is virtually unknown south of the border. THIS MUST CHANGE, and here’s why.

It is a classic American story. Russian Leon Theremin comes to New York in the 1920s to show off his musical instrument, the theremin (it’s that wacky instrument that makes a deeeeOYZA sound). Little does he know, that he will be sucked into the world of espionage in the years leading up to the Cold War. Then suddenly, everything falls apart as he is called back to the Motherland.

If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the writing is also breathtaking. I loved it. I’m now nursing one serious book hangover. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to read another book for a while. Yeah, it was that bad.

Who would like this book? The reason everyone in Canada was issued Us Conductors for Christmas is because of its mass appeal. I don’t know who wouldn’t like this book. It’s got science, history, intrigue, romance, American excess, Russian penal camps. It’s got everything. I really want to see Sean Michaels make a splash south of the border, so please Americans, buy his book.


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  2. I’m a bad Canadian. I didn’t get it for Christmas, I haven’t read it and I haven’t gifted it to anyone else. I keep seeing it in stores (obviously) and I’ve read the first couple of pages and still I haven’t taken the plunge. I will try and be better so I don’t have to hand in my passport!

  3. I’m relieved that you enjoyed it so much. Whenever we really talk up a book I’m afraid that we’re going to get, “What the hell were you guys talking about? This sucked!” I’m glad to see that our book judging faculties remain unimpaired. (He says, as though Write Reads was the only reason you read the book) – Kirt

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