The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander

The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane AlexanderThe Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander was pitched to me as “not my usual fare”, that is, it isn’t really literary fiction. But The Last Treasure Hunt has such a great premise that I couldn’t resist. Cam is thrown into the spotlight after reuniting with a childhood friend turned Hollywood starlet. The books is equal parts “getting the gang back together” and modern media cautionary tale.

The Last Treasure Hunt is a debut novel, and to a certain extent reads like one. I felt there were some structural issues with it, but overall it was, an entertaining read. The first half was well-paced and unexpected, but as the novel neared the end I felt it became predictable.

It’s take on modern media and star making was fascinating and dead on. It showed how the wheels of the public relations industry can take a story and run with it until it becomes something entirely different and perhaps only marginally related to the truth. That was the part of the book I enjoyed the most.

Who would like this book? The Last Treasure Hunt is a light read with interesting insights into our culture’s fascination with celebrity. It will definitely appeal to those with an interest in modern media. It’s also a great read for those who like books about getting the gang back together.

Thank you to Saraband Books for providing me with a copy for review consideration.


  1. I’m definitely interesting in modern media and I think it’s reasonably impressive for an author to pull off unpredictable even at the beginning of a book. I think doing something that feels truly novel is one of the hardest things for an author to do.

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