Born To Walk by Dan Rubinstein

Born to Walk by Dan RubinsteinTwo things to confess before we get into the review of Born To Walk by Dan Rubinstein:

  1. I love to walk. We don’t have a car and I walk everywhere. So, Rubinstein is kind of preaching to the choir with this book.
  2. I know Dan. He’s a great guy.  But what i never knew, and I don’t know how this is possible, is that he is even more into walking than I am.

I loved this book. With every page I was screaming, ‘Yes, yes! He’s got it so right!’. There are a lot of problems in the world and Rubinstein knows walking can’t solve them all, but it might be a step in the right direction. Obesity? Diabetes? Climate change? Social alienation? Depression? Yep, walking’s got those covered. Bottom line, walking is an inclusive activity (it can be done by almost anyone), that is affordable and can actually save you money. It also contributes to better mental and physical well-being, a sense of community, can lower your carbon footprint in an instant.

The thing is, Rubinstein says it all so much better than I can. Even the subtitle of Born To Walk: The Transformative Power of A Pedestrian Act, shows that Rubinstein is a clever guy who can write and argue a point in an entertaining fashion. Go ahead, see for yourself, read a sample of Born To Walk and be transformed. 

Who would like this book? While Born to Walk is ostensibly about walking, it is also a bit of a personal memoir. Rubinstein is at a crossroads in his life and walking provides the balm to get through it. It is full of personal stories about those he walks with: police on the beat, members of Canada’s First Nations, hikers, you name it.

I received a copy of this book for review consideration from the publish via NetGalley.


  1. I used to walk outside around my neighborhood more but started doing other (or no) exercising instead after one too many ferociously barking dog scared me out of my wits. Practically as soon as I stopped, my husband started working from home and walking twice a day, and he’s a complete convert, having lost over 100 pounds (in conjunction with a diet). This book sounds fascinating, but will probably make me feel guilty for not walking much anymore. At work, though, I have been walking to the post office instead of driving the short distance now that the weather is warming up.

  2. This sounds perfect for me! I also love to walk – I walk everywhere, unless I can’t (which does happen). And, when I have nowhere to go, I walk just for fun or to walk the dog. Gone to look this up right now…

  3. Sign me up, please! One of the things I loved most about the semester I spent in London in college was having to walk everywhere — which I couldn’t really do in the suburb where I grew up or even my slightly more urban college campus. Now I live in a really walkable neighborhood (when it isn’t buried in snow), and I love getting outside and walking when the weather’s nice!

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