#30Authors – Legacy: An Anthology

Legacy: An AnthologyWay back in September I was asked to participate in #30Authors, a blog tour that spanned 30 days and featured 30 authors revealing their favorite recent reads. So much excitement was created that organizer Alison from The Book Wheel paired together with Velvet Morning Press to produce an anthology of short fiction and nonfiction, and Legacy: An Anthology was born.

I find reviewing collections of short stories to be very difficult, even more so when the stories are all by different authors. As is only natural, some of the stories appealed to me more than others. What I can tell you is that I’ve discovered some new voices that otherwise may have passed me by. In particular, Sonny’s Wall by Paula Young Lee has haunted me in a good way. Legacy also features some favorites of mine including Marissa Stapley and Kristopher Jansma.

And speaking of Kristopher Jansma … tomorrow he will be featured here at 52 books. All his deepest and darkest secrets will be revealed. Kind of.

I’d like to thank Velvet Morning Press and The Book Wheel for including me in this project. Click for apaws-for-reading-banner-02 full schedule of the Legacy blog tour. All proceeds from the sale of Legacy will go to PAWS for reading.


  1. I always have trouble reviewing short story collections too! Especially ones with this many stories, where it’s hard to say something about each one. I ended up focusing on my favorites, since most of the ones I didn’t like seemed like victims of the short story format. I felt like I could have liked almost all of them had some of them had more room to write!

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