The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens

The Mountain Story by Lori LansensI’ll be the first to admit that i was drawn to The Mountain Story because of the cover. Then, the fact that it was by Lori Lansens solidified my decision. I’ve not read many of her other books, but her reputation is solid. And, oh boy, The Mountain Story was a stunning read. Part adventure story, part a meditation on family.

Wolf finds himself trapped on a mountain for five days with three women. Their fight for survival is real, but intersperse with edge-of-your-seat action Wolf reflects on his life and how he got to this point. The women in the story similarly reveal bits about themselves and the world they normally inhabit.

Who would like this book? In spite of the fact that The Mountain Story is fiction, Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer kept popping into my head. That is how tense and adventure filled this book is. True, the location is not as exotic as Mount Everest, but the situation is equally as dire. And it is not just the situation, but also the characters that make The Mountain Story so compelling.


  1. Not a book or author Id heard of before so intrigued! Your reference to mountain and then Everest made me think of Joe Simpson’s Touching The Void – probably the only edge-of-your-seat non-fiction book I’ve ever read!

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