A Place We Knew Well by Susan Carol McCarthy

A Place We Knew Well by Susan Carol McCarthyI have been in a slump of epic proportions for months now. I don’t even want to read. It’s weird and crazy. And then in walks A Place We Knew Well by Susan Carol McCarthy, and it changes everything. For the first time in weeks I stayed up past my bedtime to read.

So what was it about A Place We Knew Well that drew me in? Hard to say precisely, but setting definitely had something to do with it. It’s set in Florida during the Cuban missile crisis. Interesting times, to say the least. And it recounts the story of a perfectly normal family suffering from their own crisis. I don’t want to reveal more.

The story is simply told in plain language that reflects the time. Part of the fun of the novel is that many of the petty concerns reflect the time as well, and now seem a little antiquated. A Place We Knew Well is a nice little package that is perfectly reflected in the cover, which also drew me to the book.

Who would like this book? A Place We Knew Well has a little something for everyone without being heavy handed. Blossoming teen romance for the Home Coming Queen? Check. A look into the geo-politics of the 1960s? Check. Some home grown paranoia? Check. I really enjoyed this book and I’m going to be delving into McCarthy’s backlist. She seems drawn to recent history and looks at events through the lens of regular people.


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