Peace and Parsnips by Lee Watson

Whenever I see a new vegan cookbook, especially one with a gorgeous cover, I get a little excited. We eat vegan 95% of the time, and even though our diet and cooking repertoire is amazingly varied, sometimes you need something to kick start your creativity again. To get you out of your rut. All cooks need this.

Peace and Parsnips is a beautifully put together cookbook. I loved flipping through the pages and reading little bits about author Lee Watson‘s life and travels. The recipes reflect Watson’s hippie ethos. His connection to sustainability and mother earth ooze from every page.

For the actual cooking of the recipes, I was a little disappointed. In general, the recipes were more complicated than i had hoped and more time consuming. And the font for the recipes was tiny! But that being said, the recipes were good. For the most part they are not something I’ll turn to on a midweek night, but for when I have more time they’re great.

Who would like this book? Quite obviously vegans, but also anyone looking for some really scrumptious, healthy meals. As a world traveler Watson also includes recipes from all over Asian with clever local produce substitutions. For me, the goddesses of vegan cookery remain Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terri Hope Romero, but Peace and Parsnips is a great book to have once you’ve already invested in the staples.

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