We’re All In This Together by Amy Jones

I do not know who Amy Jones is, but I can tell you that she just might be my new favorite Canadian novelist. We’re All In This Together is a brilliant, laugh out loud funny, getting the family back together adventure with heart. Yep, I’ve used every cliche in the book and they are all true. This is the #1 book you should read this summer.

Family matriarch Kate is videoed plummeting over the Kakabeka Falls near Thunder Bay, Ontario and this puts the Parker family into a tailspin the likes of which it has never experienced. A coma, a viral video, some internet stalking, an ex-boyfriend and a crazy sister-in-law. And yes, I have left some things out.

Each chapter is told by a different character. Sometimes this can make a novel feel disjointed, but in this case it brings the characters to life. Each of the characters is so well drawn, with compelling and overlapping back stories. These are real people – they jump off the page.

Who would like this book? We’re All In This Together is for those who love the insanity that can ensure when you get the family back together. Think This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper set in the metropolis of northern Ontario. Add a dash of Maggie O’Farrell without the Britishisms and a pinch of Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman for Can-con.


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