9781608465767-f_mediumThing have been silent around here for quite a while. First for a good reason – I went to Kenya and Tanzania and it was awesome.

Then for a bad reason – the election in the US has hit me hard. Like really hard. I am completely disillusioned with the world. I haven’t read anything non-political since Tuesday and I can’t write.

I’m reading Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit and hoping that will do the trick.



  1. This is my next non-fiction read and, like you, I’m hoping for a little comfort and guidance. First Brexit then Trump – both, it seems, coming from the same angry place – I feel as if we’ll be ending 2016 in an entirely different world from the one we began it in and it’s shattering.

  2. You’re definitely not alone feeling like this! I had to take a break from Facebook and twitter (and reading all the political posts) because it was making me so depressed, but then my friends in the US sent me information about which organizations and rallies they are now getting involved with and that made me feel a bit more hope for the future.

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