All Inclusive by Farzana Doctor

All Inclusive high resAll Inclusive by Farzana Doctor was the first book I read in 2017 and it was a great way to start the year. As the title suggests, the novel is set in an all inclusive resort in Mexico. Our protagonist, Ameera, is a sales rep living at the resort, who indulges in one night stands with swingers. Not only that, someone is sabotaging her career.

But because this is Farzana Doctor we’re dealing with, you know there is going to be slightly more substance to the story than what I’ve outlined. During her time in Mexico, Ameera also searches for her biological father, who died in the infamous 1985 Air India crash.

All Inclusive walks that fine line of being light enough to be a quick, fun read, without being so light that that it’s fluffy.

Who would like this book? All Inclusive is a book for someone looking for something a little different in their CanLit. It has a diverse cast of characters (POC, LBGTQ) that reflects the Canada I lived in when I lived in Canada. It also gives a fascinating behind the scenes look at life at an all inclusive resort. We all think it would be great living down south full time, but the reality is a little different.


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