Greetings and Salutations!

profile picWelcome to 52booksor bust. When I came up with the name for the blog I thought it was brilliant. What better title could there be for a blog that chronicles my reading over the course of a year. Now I’ve come to realize that a) there are literally hundreds of blogs out there with the same title and b) I read way more than 52 books a year. But alas, everything is set up and I am resigned to keeping the name.

I am blogging to you from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I have lived for the last 2 years, but I still consider myself a Canadian at heart. You will see that I still read a lot of Can Lit, though Brit Lit is making more and more of an appearance on my blog everyday. I work with mostly North American publishers since that is the world I know, but I am slowly getting to know my way around the UK publishing biz.

cover-warsIn general I review about two books a week – sometimes less, sometimes more. In addition, I have recently introduced Cover Wars as feature on Thursdays. Most of what I review will be literary fiction, though I am trying to read more non-fiction. My reviews are short but sweet. Even if I did not like the book, I know there is someone out there who would like it and I try to direct it to that audience.

Review Policy

I am happy to accept ARCs and review copies for literary fiction and non fiction. I try to get reviews up as close as possible to the pub date, but as you know some weeks are busier than others. Please before you contact me check to see if I am a good match for your book. I stay far away from YA, fantasy, self help, romance and anything to do with vampires. If I do not reply to your query it is usually because you have not considered the type of books I read in your email.

Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line t_boughtflower[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thanks and happy reading!

Tanya Boughtflower



  1. You sound like a girl after my own heart. I too am not a fan of anything which includes vampires or space machines or where the cover features misty eyed maidens and muscled men. give me realism any time!

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