Fiction Reviews (by Author M-Z)

Maclear, Kyo. Stray Love.

MacLennan, Hugh. Two Solitudes.

Magee, Audrey. The Undertaking.

Makkai, Rebecca. The Hundred-Year House.

Mandel, Emily St. John. Station Eleven.

Markovits, Benjamin. You Don’t Have To Live Like This.

Marwood, Alex. The Wicked Girls.

Mathis, Ayana. The Twelve Tribes of Hattie.

McBride, Eimear. A Girl Is A Half-Formed Thing.

McCarthy, Mary. The Group.

McCarthy, Susan Carol. A Place We Knew Well.

McEwan, Ian. Sweet Tooth. 

McIlvain, Ryan. Elders.

McKeon, Darragh. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air.

McLain, Paula. Circling The Sun.

McManus, Sophie. The Unfortunates.

McQueen, Alison. Under the Jeweled Sky.

Meek, James. The Heart Broke In.

Meyler, Deborah. The Bookstore.

Michaels, Sean. Us Conductors.

Miles, Jonathan. Want Not.

Mirvis, Tova. Visible City.

Mitchell, Judith Claire. A Reunion of Ghosts.

Mitchell, Maggie. Pretty Is.

Moore, Lisa. February.

Morse, Eleanor. White Dog Fell From The Sky.

Morton, Brian. Florence Gordon.

Mulligan, Claire. The Dark.

Ndibe, Okey. Foreign Gods Inc.

Netzer, Lydia. How To Tell Toledo From The Night Sky.

North, Anna. The Life and Death of Sophie Stark.

Obioma, Chigozie. The Fishermen.

O’Donnell, Lisa. Closed Doors.

O’Donnell, Lisa. The Death of Bees.

O’Farrell, Maggie. Instructions for a Heatwave.

O’Hara, Maryanne. Cascade.

Ozeki, Ruth. A Tale for the Time Being.

Pavone, Chris. The Accident.

Pavone, Chris. The Expats. 

Pearl, Matthew. The Last Bookaneer.

Pessl, Marisha. Night Film

Pinto, Jerry. Em and the Big Hoom.

Porter, Jason. Why Are You So Sad?

Prose, Francine. Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932.

Pullinger, Kate. Landing Gear.

Quigley, Mindy. A Death in Duck. 

Racculia, Kate. Bellweather Rhapsody.

Rachman, Tom. The Rise and Fall of Great Powers.

Rau Badami, Anita. Tell It To The Trees.

Ray, Kalyan. No Country.

Raybourn, Deanna. A Spear of Summer Grass.

Riley, Peggy. Amity and Sorrow.

Rindell, Suzanne. The Other Typist.

Roberts, Gregory David. The Mountain Shadow.

Rothman, Claire Holden. My October.

Rowland, Amy. The Transcriptionist.

Rushdie, Salman. Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights.

Russell, Mary Doria. The Sparrow.

Russo, Richard. The Bridge of Sighs.

Samuel, Sigal. The Mystics of Mile End.

Sanghani, Radhika. Virgin.

Sanghera, Sathnam. Marriage Material.

Sankaran, Lavanya. The Hope Factory.

Saul, John Ralston. Dark Diversions.

Schumacher, Julie. Dear Committee Members.

Setterfield, Diane. Bellman and and Black.

Shafak, Elif. Honour.

Selasi, Taiya. Ghana Must Go.

Selvadurai, Shyam. The Hungry Ghosts.

Semple, Maria. Where’d You Go, Bernadette?

Seskis, Tina. The Serpentine Affair. 

Shamsie, Kamila. A God in Every Stone.

Shamsie, Kamila. Burnt Shadows.

Shapiro, B.A. The Muralist.

Sherl, Gregory. The Future for Curious People.

Shipstead, Maggie. Astonish Me.

Simsion, Graeme. The Rose Effect.

Simsion, Graeme. The Rosie Project.

Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible.

Sittenfeld, Curtis. Sisterland.

Smith, Zadie. White Teeth.

Snyder, Carrie. Girl Runner.

Steinke, Rene. Friendswood.

Stone, Robert. Death of the Black-Haired Girl.

Straub, Emma. The Vacationers.

Sumner, Melanie. How To Write A Novel.

Suri, Manil. The City of Devi.

Syal, Meera. The House of Hidden Mothers.

Svendsen, Linda. Sussex Drive.

Tamaki, Jillian and Mariko. Skim.

Tamaki, Jillian and Mariko. This One Summer.

Tartt, Donna. The Goldfinch.

Tarttelin, Abigail. The Golden Boy.

Taseer, Aatish. The Way Things Were.

Taylor, D.J. The Windsor Faction.

Taylor, Kate. Mme Proust and the Kosher Kitchen.

Thayil, Jeet. Narcopolis.

Thomas, Audrey. Local Customs.

Thompson, Jean. The Humanity Project.

Thornton, J.R. Beautiful Country.

Tropper, Jonathan. This Is Where I Leave You.

Tsiolkas, Christos. Barracuda.

Tsiolkas, Christos. The Slap

Tulathimutte, Tony. Private Citizens.

Umrigar, Thrity. The Story Hour.

Urquhart, Jane. Away.

Urquhart, Rachel. The Visionist.

Urza, Gabriel. All That Followed.

Van Praag, Menna. The House at the End of Hope Street.

Vassanji, M.G. The Magic of Saida.

Vincent, Norah. Adeline.

Viswanathan, Padma. The Ever After of Ashwin Rao.

Waclawiak, Karolina. The Invaders.

Wagamese, Richard. Indian Horse.

Walker, Martin. The Crowded Grave.

Walter, Jess. Beautiful Ruins.

Waters, Sarah. The Paying Guests.

Wolitzer, Meg. The Interestings.

Wood, Benjamin. The Ecliptic.

Wood, Naomi. Mrs. Hemingway.

Zink, Nell. Mislaid.

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