11/22/63 Read-A-Long

112263vertical_1I’m about to step out there and try something a little different and completely new to me – a book read-a-long. I had never really heard of such a thing until I entered the book blogosphere almost a year ago, but it seems like a fun idea and it is involving a book I’ve been wanting to read. So here goes ….

The book is 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I have not read any King since Salem’s Lot scared the pants off of me in high school, but I’ve always been interested in King as such a prolific writer. Thankfully, 11/22/63 is more speculative – what if JFK was not shot on 11 November 1963 – than scary. I must admit, I may have problems with the whole suspension of disbelief thing that will be required in reading this book. But it is time for me to try something new and stretch myself a little. 

I also want to thank Kristen over at My Little Heart Melodies for organizing everything and hopefully keeping us on track while we read this mammoth tome.