The Illuminations by Andrew O’Hagan

Andrew O’Hagan was a new-to-me author. I’d heard of him before, but never read him. I’m not quite sure why, as he seems to have gathered quite the accolades over the years. He seems to have been nominated or won just about every prize there is, he’s a contributor or editor of some of the best magazine. In short, he is a big name in write, at least in the UK. So I was thrilled when Willoughby Book Club sent me The Illuminations by him. Continue reading

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

Elizabeth is MissingEverything you’ve heard about Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey is true. It is brilliant, beautiful and heart breaking. I am at a loss to understand how someone so young (28) could write such an accurate and sensitive portrayal of aging. At the heart of Elizabeth is Missing is Maud, who is quickly loosing touch with the present as she slips into the miasma of Alzheimer’s or dementia. She is convinced that something untoward has happened to her good friend Elizabeth, as something horrid had happened to her sister at least sixty years earlier. Continue reading