Audio Sample: Z by Therese Anne Fowler

zThis came to me from MacMillan Audio at just the right moment. I’m dedicating April to writing my novel in Camp Nanowrimo, so finding time to read and write posts for the blog is falling by the wayside.

Here is a sample of the audio version of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald read by Jenna Lamia. Just listen to that southern drawl, y’all. It lulls me into a state of absolute relaxation. I absolutely loved the novel edition of Z (here’s my review) and from what I’ve heard of the audio version, it sounds great.

The thing about audio books is they come alive in a a completely different way that traditional books. In this case the audio gels pretty well with what my imagination came out with. What I want to know, is do you, fellow readers, listen to audio books as well? It is never something I’ve done in any big way. If you do, why do you? What do you like, dislike about it?