Favorite Books of 2016

2016 was not a great reading year for me. I didn’t read a lot and I can’t remember that many stand out books. And as proof of how bad 2016 was for me, I accidentally erased my book tracking spreadsheet in about october, so that means no book stats for this year. But i did still manage to cobble together some favorites. These are in no particular order. All links go back to my original reviews.

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Favorites of 2015

Most recommended book: Circling The SunĀ 

Best Backlist: The Slap

Book I want everyone to read: Born to Walk

Best Survival Story: The Mountain Story

Best Literary Fiction: The Fishermen

Best Canadian (small press): The Mystics of Mile End

Best Canadian: Us Conductors

Best Book in Translation: The Truth and Other Lies

Best Unexpected Read: The Invaders