The Illuminations by Andrew O’Hagan

Andrew O’Hagan was a new-to-me author. I’d heard of him before, but never read him. I’m not quite sure why, as he seems to have gathered quite the accolades over the years. He seems to have been nominated or won just about every prize there is, he’s a contributor or editor of some of the best magazine. In short, he is a big name in write, at least in the UK. So I was thrilled when Willoughby Book Club sent me The Illuminations by him. Continue reading

The Ecliptic by Benjamin Wood

Way back when, before this blog was born, I read Benjamin Wood‘s debut novel The Bellwether Revivals, and was dazzled by it. Seriously great with that Donna Tartt feel to it. So when The Ecliptic came out and was described as a mix of Donna Tartt and Patricia Highsmith, the only option open to me was to read it. The problem is those are mighty big shoes to fill and i wish I had never heard the comparisons. Continue reading

Born To Walk by Dan Rubinstein

Born to Walk by Dan RubinsteinTwo things to confess before we get into the review of Born To Walk by Dan Rubinstein:

  1. I love to walk. We don’t have a car and I walk everywhere. So, Rubinstein is kind of preaching to the choir with this book.
  2. I know Dan. He’s a great guy.  But what i never knew, and I don’t know how this is possible, is that he is even more into walking than I am.

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The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander

The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane AlexanderThe Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander was pitched to me as “not my usual fare”, that is, it isn’t really literary fiction. But The Last Treasure Hunt has such a great premise that I couldn’t resist. Cam is thrown into the spotlight after reuniting with a childhood friend turned Hollywood starlet. The books is equal parts “getting the gang back together” and modern media cautionary tale. Continue reading

Wigtown – Scotland’s National Book Town

There is nothing quite like a town dedicated to the written word, and that is why I had to visit Wigtown while camping in the area. This quaint seaside town in Southern Scotland boasts more than 20 book shops and hosts an annual book festival in an attempt at economic rejuvenation.

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