The Proof of Love by Catherine Hall

Image result for the proof of love catherine hallI should start by saying that I did not choose this book for myself. The Proof of Love by Catherine Hall wasn’t a book I was dying to read, or one I’d even heard of. Overall the writing is solid and the story is good, but it wasn’t my thing.

It’s a very pastoral novel, if that makes sense. It’s set in the Lake District during a summer heat wave. To me that says it all … it’s going to one of those books. Every region has a variation on this theme. For CanLit it is the prairie novel. But regardless of where it is set, these novels tend to drag a little for me.

Who would like this book? The Proof of Love captures the Lake District of England perfectly. It has a great sense of place, right down to the language. It was billed on the cover as “Sarah Waters meets Daphne du Maurier”, that sets the bar rather high, and for me it feel short. It also set my expectations in a certain vein, which may have ruined it for me.


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