Around the World in 12 Books Challenge 2014


A new year is upon us and with it new challenges. Since I like to read international fiction, I’ve decided to challenge myself by participating in the Around the World in 12 Books Challenge 2014, brought to you by Giraffe Days. Giraffe Days offers various levels of challenge from Happy Camper(reading 2 books) to Seasoned Traveler for the intrepid. I have opted for the Seasoned Traveler, for if I am anything it is intrepid. Requirements are as follows:

  • The Seasoned Traveller doesn’t do anything by half-measures: they go the whole hog and the more obscure the better!
  • Read 12 books over the course of the year, each set in a DIFFERENT country
  •  Books selected should include ones set in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia+New Zealand, North America and South America. The Middle East is a bonus.
  • You do not need to plan ahead but it might help you keep on track
  • No re-reads
  • Any genre is okay (including non-fiction) BUT books MUST be set in a specific country or region with a noticeable attention to the location or environment; some genre books won’t be much use for this challenge

Bon voyage!!


  1. I am so tempted to join this but I joined a few challenges already and I don’t think I can commit to more. One goal of mine though is to read more books from different countries. Good luck on this challenge! I’ll be looking forward to the books you will read 🙂

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