The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

the-weird-sistersThe Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown was my first official read for Free Range Reading. It has been sitting on my shelf for years and finally the mood struck me to read it. I wanted something that was light, a little like watching a movie and nothing that would be mentally taxing at all. The Weird Sisters fit the bill.

The story is about three sisters whose lives are falling apart and therefore find themselves living at home once again. Oh, and their mother has cancer and their father only speaks in Shakespearean verse. Yep, the title is a not so veiled reference to Macbeth.

It was one of those books that was just kind of there. I liked it enough to keep going, and yet, I don’t think the books will stay with me in anyway. I didn’t love it. I didn’t find any of the characters to be particularly intriguing and the plot did not drive me to read more. It just was what it was – a book, written ostensibly for women, to pass the time.

Who would like this book? To me, The Weird Sisters is the type of book that tends to appeal to those who don’t read very often. They want something that isn’t too fluffy, but also nothing that will challenge them too much. A vacation read. This books isn’t going to change your world, but it will pass the time. Since it is about sisters and they dynamics of sisterhood, I can see that it may appeal more to those who have sisters. I only have a brother, but could still relate to the sibling dynamics.


  1. When I read this, a couple of years ago now, I really loved it. I loved the family dynamics, the Shakespeare spouting dad, and I loved the names of the sisters. But I see what you are saying – it wasn’t a super taxing read and I’m not sure that I took anything substantial away from the experience. I just really enjoyed the time I spent with them. An excellent vacation read for sure.

  2. We read this a few years ago for our Book Club. I had the same reaction as you, but it did give our club a great food theme as the member hosting it at her house brought out all kinds of different breads – to go with the sister working in the bakery. 😉 (It also became a start to this “themed” type evening with choosing the food that was mentioned in the book, or went with the book in some manner. (P.S. I’m truly hoping to turn my 2015 into a year long free-range reading fest.)

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