Free-Range Reading is here!!


Yes, it is time for the event you’ve all been waiting for … Free-Range Reading!!

The concept is quite simple: November 1 – December 15, 2014 you aim to read without a plan, without a road map, without direction. There are no deadlines. You just read and see where it takes you. But most of all, you read for the pure joy of it.

And in the spirit of Free-Range Reading, I am proposing that you participate in whatever way best suits you. For me I’m going to go to the library and grab whatever suits me, browse my bookshelves to see what forgotten gems are lurking there and who know, I may even hit up a few book shops. And of course, I’m going to include at least a few non-fiction picks for Non-Fiction November.

Below is a linky so that you can share your plans (or lack there of) for Free-Range Reading, announce you participation or reviews of the hidden gems you’ve unearthed.  Enjoy and keep reading!


  1. I liked the sound of this initially but on reflection it makes me realise I NEVER have a plan – so I think if I participate I’d be a fraud! Still it’ll give me six weeks of meandering through books aimlessly along with everyone else!

  2. I have been doing something along these lines for the past month, I realized. It’s unbelievable just how much more enjoyable reading has become when I pick books and read according to the mood I am in.

  3. I’m (partly) joining. I’m doing Non-Fiction November, so I’m going to try to read a lot of non-fiction. But aside from having a long list of titles I would LIKE to read, I don’t have any specific plans (and there is no doubt I will stray to fiction at least once). Yay free range reading!

  4. Oh how I miss free-range reading. My reading the past few years has always been purpose driven and like everything else in my life I am perpetually behind. Every now and then I love going to the library and just reading what ever catches my eye – it won’t be this month though.

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  6. I’ve never thought of this as a formal event, but I love it! Because December is so slow, I find that November is when my review deadlines tend to drop off (my reviews are due a month before pub date for the publication I write for), so I’ll definitely be partaking of some free range reading.

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