Cover Wars: Hausfrau

Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

I thought the cover I’d seen for Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum (review) was pretty iconic. Bold and unique. Flowery, but in a really inviting way. But here is a sample of the covers that could have been courtesy of RandomHouse.

And this is what they settled on in the UK.


What are your thoughts? Who did it best?


  1. I think the US cover is very memorable and striking – it makes me want to pick it up. It was super interesting to see all the possible designs for the cover and there were many that could have also worked, but definitely not the sheets one!

  2. Fascinating! I would have plumped for the first cover even without seeing the video and reading the the author’s comments, although I hadn’t spotted the broken wineglasses on the UK jacket which is a nice touch but perhaps a bit too subtle. Both infinitely better than rumpled beds or stockings…

  3. How cool! I liked the ones at the beginning of the video with the legs pretty well and I also liked the ones with beds on them, since both felt appropriate to me. I’m very glad they didn’t go with one of the ones with partial glimpses of a woman on them – face, chest, legs – because these strike as objectifying an overdone cover images.

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