Favorites of 2015

Most recommended book: Circling The Sun 

Best Backlist: The Slap

Book I want everyone to read: Born to Walk

Best Survival Story: The Mountain Story

Best Literary Fiction: The Fishermen

Best Canadian (small press): The Mystics of Mile End

Best Canadian: Us Conductors

Best Book in Translation: The Truth and Other Lies

Best Unexpected Read: The Invaders




  1. Yes to Us Conductors and The Mountain Story!
    Why haven’t I read Circling the Sun yet? Everyone is loving it (and I own it!).
    I really want to read both The Mystics of Mile End and Born To Walk. I’ve been waiting for Born To Walk to come out in trade paperback so I can buy it, but it’s taking forever…

  2. I’m extra excited to read The Slap this year now! Born to Walk sounds really interesting and I really need to get onto reading The Fisherman.
    The great thing about New Year’s is that there’s so much optimism. I completely believe that I will actually read all these titles right now.

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